Zycoo :All you need to know

Zycoo :All you need to know

2014, DCS Networks have awarded Zycoo IP PBX exclusive Sole Distributorship for Singapore.
We have successful installed more than 60 systems in Singapore in 2014. And number of installation have been increase daily.
In 2016 ,we have decided  OEM Zycoo U30  for Singapore market due to we have foreseen Local Telecom Provider have launch their SIP Trunk Services. 
SingTel, StarHub and Netpluz have certified  Zycoo IP PBX as their approved equipment.
After discussed with many SME bosses who have facing challenger for choose a product with better package with after sales services and responsible vendor provide one stop solutions. So we have launch our Rental with Managed Services for up to 5  years plan. We offer affordable plan without any complexity rental paperwork.  Keep Simple Understanding Plan, Simple Prices is our goal


ZYCOO is the leading developer of IP telephony devices and related systems, has devoted itself over the past years to researching and developing powerful and scalable voice over IP (VoIP) solutions that mainly serve the small and medium business/enterprise markets. 

The company’s product line includes a wide range of telephony systems and its surrounding software to enable resellers and customers to implement turnkey VoIP systems or to design their own custom communications solutions. Meanwhile, the company also offers many types of embedded hardware boards for original design manufacturers (ODM) looking to incorporate these devices into their own solutions and distribution offerings. Most importantly, all of these devices and services are offered at prices commensurate with the purchasing power of SMBs. 

Along with the deployment of distribution channels worldwide and branch offices in UK and UAE, Zycoo products are available through our established distribution channels (about more than 90 countries and regions); our customers will enjoy direct sales, tech-support, training, and after-sale service while using Zycoo products and solutions.

Our Commission: We focus on customers’ needs to deliver valuable and reliable products to our customers.


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