ZKTeco Products

ZKTeco Products

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We are the authorized distributors for ZK Teco Products in Kenya, such as ZKTeco Biometrics, ZKTeco Automated Biometric Identification Systems, ZKTeco Fingerprint Access Control Systems, RFID Reader, ZKTeco Turnstiles and Tripods, ZKTeco Time and Attendance Products, ZKTeco Walk Through Metal Detectors, ZKTeco Flap Barriers, ZKTeco Automatic Gates and ZKTeco POS.

We also supply quality ZKTeco Video Surveillance Equipment, ZKTeco Entrance Control Systems, ZKTeco Security Inspection Gadgets, ZKTeco Smart Hotel Locks, ZKTeco Visible Light Facial Recognition Technology, ZKTeco Multi-purpose Integration Technology, ZKTeco X-ray Machines in Kenyasystems and software distributors in Kenya. ZKTeco is the leading global developer and manufacturer of Biometric Security and Time Management Solutions.
At Mall99 we boast of a wide range of ZKTeco Products and Systems in the security and time management industries such as ZK Teco Access Control Devices, ZK Teco Time Management Solutions and Devices, ZK Teco Biometric & RFID Locks, ZK Teck Inspection Control Devices, ZK Teco Smart Locks for homes and Offices, ZK Teco Parking Control Solutions, ZK Inspection and Entrance Control Devices.

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