What is Ubiquiti Networks UniFi?

What is Ubiquiti Networks UniFi?

UBNT UniFi is an ecosystem of wireless access points, routers, switches, security cameras, controller devices, VoIP phones and access control products. It exists between businesses and cheap home network equipment. UniFi network equipment is managed by the UniFi network controller, which is a good middle ground, offering more flexibility and functions than AmpliFi. Using a typical UniFi network, you can select the required components and several of them.

Common UniFi Network Topologies

You can mix UniFi and third party networking devices, but a full UBNT UniFi topology managed by the UniFi Network Controller gets you centralized network management with all of the advanced UniFi features.

A common topology including a UniFi Security Gateway, Switch, Access Point and Cloud Key will look like this:

Using the integrated UniFi Dream Machine, a similar topology (covering gateway, switch and access point) would look something like this diagram:

A UniFi Dream Machine Pro system, with both UniFi Network and UniFi Protect controllers, might look like this if you want to power your cameras and access points via PoE:

Benefits of UniFi Network

1.Ease of Deployment

Having a controller in the cloud (like with Servant Design’s cloud hosted UniFi Controller) allows for extremely easy deployment of hardware. In every case where we have a UniFi Security Gateway (router/ACL firewall) installed, any new UniFi equipment plugged into the network is instantly recognized by the controller and available for adoption. When the Controller adopts the device, it automatically receives the correct configuration for the device type and is ready within minutes.

2.Cost for Performance

UniFi device is ideal for most small businesses, and ven some medium sized businesses because they don’t need the extra cost to buy high price products like cisco enterprise equipment. Customers can achieve some of the same performance with Ubiquiti products. Many products are advanced enterprise hardware, which most people don’t need, so Ubiquiti makes sense for smaller businesses that want enterprise grade equipment.

3.Total Visibility

UniFi Controller can offer valuable insights into how your network is being used and what changes would benefit the speed and efficiency of the network. For instance, since expanding Wi-Fi at a local church and adding user’s phones to the network, on any given Sunday morning there are more than 60 devices connected to one access point in the sanctuary, which also happens to be connected to the same switch the church live streams from.


UniFi products are built to be controlled remotely and with upgrades in mind, they keep getting new features that weren’t available when they came out! Case in point. For example, UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4 (the rack-mounted version of the original USG) currently only has two LAN ports (RJ45), two WAN ports (RJ45) and two other SFP WAN ports). Would it be nice to be able to use these two SFP ports for optical fiber or stack copper cables to downstream switches?

The UBNT UniFi network can provide customers with multiple options to meet their needs. If you have any questions about UBNT UniFi, welcome to leave your comment.