Telephone Systems for Small Business and Corporate in Kenya

Irrespective of what your business does, its size, or the industry in which it operates, voice communication is a key aspect of your success. Voice provides an easy and convenient way to communicate with your clients as well as suppliers and partners. Your employees benefit heavily from having a secure way to communicate with the customers and prospective clients. Having a dedicated phone system for your company provides significant benefits and competitive advantages for the business. The benefits include having shared voice resources that enable workers to transfer calls seamlessly and save time. Having an integrated telephone system has cost saving implications for your business by moving away from individual phones.  Integrated telephone systems also make it easy to review monthly charges and problematic calling habits among employees. Telephone systems also provide valuable features such as call forwarding and voice mail, which can be very valuable to a business. There is a wide range of options and products for you to choose from when selecting an office telephone system for your business. This blog post covers some of the alternatives that we have for you at Mall99 including their features and key advantages. We have products from well-known international brands such as Panasonic, Cisco, Grandstream and Yeastar.


Cisco is one of the best known names in computer networking. They have a wide range of equipment and accessories for business communication. It manufactures a wide range of telephone systems featuring everything from conventional IP phones to PBX systems. We stock complete end-to-end office communication solutions and supply components for business telephone systems. Cisco telephones and voice products are versatile and designed to take advantage of the unified voice and data communications infrastructure. They accomplish this while offering user-friendliness and convenience that you expect from a business phone. We stock Various Cisco Telephone Equipment Like Cisco 2921 3-Port Gigabit Wired Router (CISCO2921/K9), Cisco 7811-K9 IP Phone CP-7811-K9, Cisco 7821 IP Phone 2 Lines 2 Ethernets Port PoE, Cisco CP 6921 2-Line Office VoIP Phone, Cisco IP Phone 8845 – IP video phone – digital camera

Cisco products include PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems which are telephone switching systems. The Cisco PBX products are designed to manage incoming and outgoing calls for internal users. It is connected to the public telephone systems and routes calls to the different extensions enabling effective flow of communication for your business. The Cisco PBX products are advanced and can handle Voice over IP and landline calls. The more advanced Cisco PBX systems that we stock support IP hence they run on the IP data network saving on costs and network management needs. The Cisco PBX is easy to deploy and can handle traffic from IP phones, softphones and landline phones.          

 IP phones such as the Cisco 7821 IP phone with 2 lines and 2 Ethernets port PoE. They can also include advanced features such as digital cameras for enabling video calling on the business line. Extension cards and modules are essential tools incorporated in to the telephone system to add extra lines and programmable buttons to the phone. The expansion module attaches to the Cisco IP phones and can add up to 24 line appearances. The programmable buttons can be configured as phone feature buttons, speed dial buttons, or phone line buttons. For example the Cisco 7916 Unified IP Phone Expansion Module is the latest and provides an integrated communications management tool for your organization to scale up the telephone network as your business needs grow. You can connect two expansion modules to a unified IP phone to have 48 extra lines available to the organization.

In order to fully utilize the capabilities of the Cisco telephone systems, you require licensing for all devices including the IP phones, server, and PBX. Licensing for these devices is required in order to configure them and get them to work as required. All Cisco devices have licensing requirements depending on the users that are tied to them. The device licensing as well as for the phones can be purchased separately but are required when setting up the system. We provide information on the licenses required in setting up the Cisco telephone systems including activation of the PBX and IP telephones.         

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil is another well-known brand in the telephone systems market. Fanvil is a well-established manufacturer and designer of VoIP desktop phones from China. The company has become one of the most popular suppliers of IP phones globally with efforts geared towards addressing the growing need for VoIP-based telecommunications solutions. Fanvil is poised to become a leading supplier of IP voice terminals due to its focus on quality, cost effectiveness, and style. We have variety of fanvil Phones Like

Fanvil X3SP IP phone SIP PoE, Fanvil C01 Call Center IP Phone, Fanvil C400 Gigabit VoIP Phone, Fanvil C600 Enterprise Smart Video IP Phone, Fanvil X3P VoIP Phone 2 SIP Lines PoE, Fanvil X4 4 Line Enterprise Multi Color Screens Phone, Fanvil X5 ­ Executive ​Desk Phone

Fanvil IP phones come equipped with high definition audio capabilities and wireless connectivity. The X210 is a high end device with integrated Bluetooth capabilities as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. It has 106 DSS keys and supports 20 lines. This provides a lot of value for money for enterprise customers. The X7 and X7C provide simila capabilities with the additional features of color displays and a touch color display in the X7. The X series IP phones support additional functions such as hotspot, which allows phones to share numbers while at the same time registering additional extension numbers.

Fanvil’s devices are feature rich and cost effective VoIP telephones that are specifically designed for enterprise use. They have excellent usability features and are compatible with a wide range of telecommunications infrastructure such as software-based IP PBX. There is a wide range of IP phones from Fanvil including different features such as high resolution displays and online recording of calls. They also include other features such as background noise suppression and voice activity detection (VAD). The high-end features on Fanvil IP phones enhance their value proposition by providing copst effective services and convenience for enterprise users. This is a very strong brand in the IP phones market and provides critical features that enhance business productivity through its functionality.             

Grandstream Phone & System

Grandstream is an American company founded in 2002 providing a wide range of technology and networking solutions. The company specializes in the manufacture of IP video and voice communications equipment, gateways, video surveillance, and telephone adapters. Grandstream also designs and manufactures Asterisk-based IP-PBX devices. The devices are varied in range and provide solutions to businesses of different sizes including small and medium sized enterprises as well as large corporations. It has been developing award-winning IP solutions for voice and video as well as mobility solutions. Grandstream products and solutions empower businesses in over 150 countries with quality and reliable products.


Grandstream PBX devices are IP enabled, which plays a major role in enhancing the capacity of your business to communicate effectively using voice channels. The IP PBX devices from Grandstream are office telephone systems that allow integrated management of voice communications internally and with the external stakeholders such as partners and suppliers. The Grandstream IP –PBX office systems integrate different telephone platforms including IP phones, softphones and traditional phone lines. The product line includes office phone systems that integrate seamlessly with an app that allows your smartphone to function as an extension of your business line.

Grandstream’s series of UCM PBXs offer an extensive set of unified communications features integrating voice, data, video and mobility. They provide an on-premise solution that is easy to manage and does not accrue costs depending on its functionality. The system also does not include licensing or upgrade fees and provide variable solutions for serving small businesses to large enterprises. The UCM Series IP PBXs provide easy network integration that can support as many as 2000 users on the UCMK6510 series.    

The IP PBX phone systems from Grandstream support HD calls to enhance the clarity of voice calls and ensure value for money by reducing noise interruptions and disturbance. All Grandstream PBX telephone systems offer a high level of versatility and functionality. They have significant interoperability with the different telephone and VoIP systems.      

IP Phones

Grandstream produces a wide range of IP phones for different needs such as basic telephony, carrier-grade and video phones. You can get the ideal IP phone for any need and within your budget. Grandstream IP phones are feature rich with variations in the number of extensions or phones supported by a single phone. They include features such as voice mail messaging, call recording. The IP hones can be incorporate into other systems with the aim of expanding their capabilities.  

 The carrier grade IP phones such as the GRP2612P incorporate sleek design that integrates aesthetics and functionality. It has features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi support and PoE. This particular product has other features including 16 virtual multipurpose keys and a color LCD. Grandstream IP phones offer value for money with strong versatility and adaptability. Grandstream IP phones are SIP compatible and have interoperability with most major VoIP systems. They are cost effective and designed to address the requirements of different users meaning that you can access a product to meet your business needs irrespective of its size.

Grandstream high end IP phones are designed for high volume users and ideal for users who need access to significant efficiency tools. They are effective for workers who require access to features of advanced telephony such as mobility and multiple line support. These include the GXP2100 series, which is perfect for front desk operations and receptionists. For growing businesses, Grandstream has mid-range IP phones that provide the necessary features at competitive prices. The GXP1700 series has a variety of mid-range tools for enhancing productivity.         

Extension modules

If you are a high volume user, you will need an efficient and cost effective way of routing and controlling your calls. Extension modules such as the GXP2200EXT provide any desktop with superior network visibility, call control, and flexibility. It provides network control for high call volume users and is ideal for incorporating additional extensions to the telephone system. The GXP2200 supports up to 40 additional contacts and extensions with the ability to have up to 4 modules connected to compatible Grandstream phones. This set up can provide you with visibility on up to 160 new contacts/ extensions enabling users to enjoy a wide range of features. The extensions enable for more effective call queuing, bridged line appearance and shared call appearance. The extensions enable additional features and functionalities such as Call Park and pick up, intercom, conference, speed dial, and transfer/forward features. Coupled with the compatible Grandstream phone, the extension modules provide a valuable addition to your organizational productivity in handling voice communication.  


A key feature of the Grandstream telephone systems is that they do not require any additional licensing to function. The IP PBX systems offer an easy on-premise solution without licensing or upgrade fees. They offer unified communication features with no recurring licenses or costs. This makes the system most appropriate and cost effective for businesses because you only need to purchase the hardware. It comes with all the necessary firmware and licensing necessary for its registration. The Grandstream telephone systems are ideal for quick and easy set up since they do not have licensing requirements that may adversely affect their registration and prevent functionality causing loss of valuable time and resources. We ensure that the Grandstream products are genuine hence they have the necessary licensing to ensure their functionality and allow you to optimize on their features.            


Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company headquartered in Osaka and is among the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. While the company is also involved in other business sectors and areas such as avionics and automotive systems, its main operations are in electronics and telecommunications. The company produces a wide range of business telephony tools for enabling businesses to compete including accessories, PBX systems, cordless phones, desk phones and cards.      

Panasonic Desk phones

Panasonic provides proprietary technology for your business needs through its desk phone products that include the regular IP phones and proprietary IP telephone. The company’s desk phone products also include the digital/ analogue telephones that support single and multiple lines. Panasonic produces different types of desk phones including proprietary IP terminals that prioritize IP networks while at the same time providing versatile functionality.

Panasonic IP phones are stylishly designed to offer the most effective IP communication for your organization. They offer a wide range of options and alternatives such as Power over Ethernet and 2 Ethernet ports. They also come with full duplex speaker phones and built in Bluetooth for the higher end models such as the KX-HDV330 and KX-HDV430. The company also sells the KX-UT series designed for vertical and executive markets.

Panasonic also produces the digital/ analogue proprietary telephones that come with different user friendly features and intuitive user interfaces that enhance their effectiveness in addressing the needs of users. The digital handsets include features such as USB modules and flexible CO buttons for enhanced usability. The analogue proprietary handsets provide easy and comfortable access to the relevant features. They also include programmable keys, CO buttons, and speakerphone features.               

Panasonic also designs cordless telephones for office use that incorporate a wide range of features including a digital answering machine. These phones provide the flexibility and mobility of a cordless handset without compromising on quality and the available features. The cordless phones come with features that enable wall mounting and a 1.8 inch LCD screen. They have caller ID functions and a digital phonebook to enhance communication effectiveness.

Panasonic PBX

The Panasonic PBX products include a wide range of features and functionalities. The PBX product line up from Panasonic includes different product categories and models that are geared to address the needs of different environments and organizations. The IP PBX products such as the KX-NSX1000 are designed to maximize the utilization of the Internet Protocol as a communication platform. By integrating data, voice and video, it provides a wide range of communication options and business solutions for your organization. It is a high quality product with optimal stability and maintenance for large offices and organizations with a number of branch offices since it can handle 640 maximum trunks and 1000 extensions.

To integrate the control of analogue and IP phones using a single PBX, Panasonic designs smart hybrid PBXs that enable incorporation of IP phones alongside the legacy phones. This integrated environment is ideal for phased shifting into an IP environment especially for large organizations or for business expansion in branch offices. It can carry from 2 trunks and 72 extensions to a maximum of 168 extensions depending on the product.

For smaller businesses, Panasonic has the ideal solution for a telephone system control with the compact hybrid IP-PBX. These provide versatile and high quality communication with a relatively small number of terminals than the full scale hybrid IP-PBXs. It enables the configuration of advanced IP networks for smaller businesses with the option to continue using legacy phones within the system.

The Analogue PBX systems provide an effective solution for advancing telephone systems for small and medium-sized businesses. They offer key features such as automatic reception, caller ID display, flexible routing of messages, uniform call distribution, PC programming and budget management. The variations in this product series or category involve different number of extensions and trunks that they can handle.  

Panasonic Cards

Panasonic cards are designed to offer businesses the opportunity to expand their communication networks. Panasonic extension cards come in different varieties and features that are designed to address the varying business needs. There are cards for digital and analogue system expansion such as the single line cards and the analogue trunk cards. The cards are designed for the different environments and offer expandability features including caller ID and messaging. They can be integrated into the network environment with some such as the KX-NS5110 acting as digital signal processors that are ideal for unified messaging, conferences, and VoIP calling. These cards are installed on the mother board and they can be varied depending on the level of DSP business needs for the business.

Panasonic Accessories

We stock Panasonic accessories for business telephone systems. These include networking accessories such as networking cables. Panasonic cables are high quality and uniform in their features such as the 25 pair 24 Awg cables and the 50 pin amphenol telco cables. We also stock high quality connectors and cables for other purposes such as power supply to the telephone systems. Panasonic has a diverse line of telephone accessories including add-on key modules and DSS consoles. Panasonic’s Bluetooth modules enable the telephone system to connect to commercially available Bluetooth headsets for hands free operation.

Telephone Cables

Business telephone installation requires the use of different cables and accessories that have to be matched to the needs of the individual system and device. These voice patch panels. We have the 25 pair voice patch panels and the 50 port voice patch panels. The 25 and 50 port patch panels support 3 pair connectivity for each port while the 60 port patch panels support connectivity using 2 pairs. Two –pair circuits are common in telephone networks enabling the termination of 100 pair links in standard 50 port panels. These voice patch panels come with high port density design and rear cable management trays providing an effective area for dressing of the multiple pairs.

Telephone connections also require telephone discases with the main ones being the 100 pair and 50 pair junction boxes. The 50 pair KRONE junction box is a 10-way telephone discase for 100 pair KRONE disconnection modules. This product has a lock and key system to ensure the safety and security of connections. The box is made out of MS Sheet or plastic. The 100 pair MDF ox telephone discase is the most commonly used in telephone cabling because it provides for high density and low profile termination of telecommunication cables. It provides a plastic housing that caters for all cable entry and anchoring requirements. The 100 pair box has the ability to enable larger boxes to mount together with a high quality locking mechanism. This box enabled for concealed interconnections of the jumpers while at the same time permitting a neat appearance.

We also stock telephone cables for underground deployment. In line with the varying needs for telephone connections, the underground telephone cables come in 20/30/50/100 pair. Thee cables are used for different purposes and we have technicians who can advise you on critical issues like quality and quantity needed for different connections. The cables come in different prices but all offer similar quality levels for users. For underground telephone cabling needs, these cables are ideal and provide the most versatile solutions for linking different points as well as trunks.

Our stock of telephone cabling solutions and products include connectors and plugs. The RJ11 connector plug is the most common and best crimp connectors used in telephone and data connections. This important and advanced connector is available in two variants: 4-pole and 6-pole. The RJ11 is the standard telephone connector/ plug for legacy fax and phone lines. It is ideal for CAT6 and CAT5e connections. We also stock the RJ14 plug/ connector, which is almost identical to the RJ11. The difference between the two is that the RJ14 has 2 more thin copper strips in the grooves underneath the plug. The two connectors are registered jacks for use in telephone cabling as indicated by the Federal communications Commission in 1976. This makes the RJ 11 and RJ14 the most common and useful connector/ plugs in telephone cabling. We provide these connectors to provide effectiv4e options for telephone cable connections in all settings.                      

Yealink IP Phones

Yealink is a global brand specializing in collaboration solutions for businesses of different types and sizes including voice communications and video conferencing. Yealink products are innovative, technologically advanced and use friendly provided the best in class solutions for companies and businesses. Yealink is a well-known provider of voice communication solutions with a presence in over 140 countries. It is number 1 in the global market share for SIP phones. The company is a global strategic partner for Microsoft and has strategic cooperation with other companies such as AT&T, Verion and Vodafone. Yealink IP phones include a wide range of solutions for different needs including conferencing and individual communication. 

Yealink designs and markets HD IP conference phones for varied types of meeting rooms. They provide for clear and easy communication with crystal clear speaker phone capabilities. For example, the Optima CP960 provides high sound quality with dead-zone-free voice pickup. It has a 5-inch color touch screen with options for conference management and supports wireless microphones for enhanced range and mobility. Other conference IP phone models from Yealink include the CP930W. It is the first DECT wireless conference phone from Yealink and is designed to meet the mobility needs of users and free them from the limitations of internet ports and power outlets. The built in battery supports 24 hours talk time and has a range of 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoor. It enables for easy operation with USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity to enable enhanced mobility. 

Yealink also manufactures and sells regular IP phones with a wide range of features and functionalities such as smart video calling for the VP59 and SIP-T58A, which come with video cameras. These IP phones are based on Android technology and they provide HD calling capabilities such as multi-touch screens, web browser, calendar, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. We also have the T4 and T2 series IP phones from Yealink that provide enterprise level functionalities and coast effective solutions for the different business needs of the users. They provide multi-line IP capabilities that enhance the voice connectivity of the different telephone solutions that are available to the business users. We also have DECT phones from Yealink that provide IP capabilities for organizations without the limitations of the available power and Ethernet connections. The Yealink IP phones provide the most cost effective solutions for responding to the needs of different sizes and types of businesses.      

Yeastar Telephone Systems

Yeastar is another technology company with a wide range of technology products that are designed to address the needs of business customers across a wide range of situations. The company has been developing VoIP solutions for the last 10 years and has a lot of expertise and innovativeness in providing cloud based and on premise communication solutions such as PBXs and IP phones for small and medium businesses. Yeastar telephone products include gateways, modules & accessories, IP phones and VoIP PBX systems.

Yeastar Gateways

Yeastar VoIP gateways are designed to bridge the gap between different networks such as 4G LTE, WCDMA, FSX, FSO, and IP networks. These devices aid in reducing operating costs and delivering the convenience of traditional telephony circuits. It also enhances the capacity of the telephony system to deliver the necessary convenience to a wide range of devices from different manufacturers. These include the TA series FSX VoIp gateway. They connect legacy telephones, analog lines and PABX extension interfaces to the VoIP networks. They provide efficient and cost effective solutions for office to office voice needs. The devices also include analog telephone adapters and TE series VoIP gateways. These devices also bridge the gap between ISDN telephone connections. These platforms enable the different VoIP systems to work together with efficient solutions for integrating with the ISDN networks.

Modules and Accessories

Yeastar modules and accessories provide different expansion options for users and are an effective way of addressing the needs of businesses in ways that enhance their effectiveness. The different expansion modules incorporate different technologies such as DSP and GSM.  The expansion modules are integrated into the motherboards of the telephone systems with additional capabilities such as the expansion of FXO and FXS ports. For example, the MyPBX S2 modukle incorporates two FXS ports while the SO module provides a single FXS and one FXO module. Some modules have additional RJ11 ports for traditional phone and other network connections.                          

Yeastar n series phone system

The Yeastar n series phone systems dome with a wide range of features such as the management of concurrent calls and smart analog routing that enable the different types of phones and devices to route and work seamlessly together. For example, the Yeastar N412 hybrid PBX smart analog system enhances the routing of legacy phone devices effectively through the organization. It offers productivity enhancing communication with a capacity of 4 BRI lines, 8 SIP extensions and 12 analog extensions. The N824 smart analog phone system is a more advanced version of the 412 and offers additional features and more capability to connect a large number of phones. It is an esy to use system with 8 CO lines, 24 analog extensions and SIP trunks. The modular IP-PBX system provides capabilities for concurrent calls allowing up to 8 to be routed through the system seamlessly. The n-series is a switching system for concurrent management of IP phones making it an effective platform for integrating IP phones. The smart features enable effective routing of concurrent calls in modular designs.

Yeastar S series phone system

The Yeastar S series devices are VoIP PBX systems that provide different capabilities in the management of IP phones for business purposes. These devices range from the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX phone systems to the S300. These business phone systems come with varied capabilities that include the number of extensions they can support. The 300 and 100 devices are designed for large businesses while the S20 and S50 are designed for small businesses. The Yeastar S300 supports up to 24 analog ports, up to 24 BRI ports, and up to 6 GSM channels. It supports 300 users and is expandable to 500 with the capacity to handle 60 concurrent calls. It supports up to 24 FXS/FXO/BRI ports and 6 GSM channels. The Yeastar S20 uses open source Asterisk system with interactive voice response. It also supports video conferencing and voice logging. These devices provide scalable options for small and medium sized organizations. The main advantage of the S-series phone systems is their ability to scale voice communications in effective ways without losing their integrity. The VoIP PBX systems provide effective solutions for ensuring effective extension and management IP phones without affecting the security of the system.             

Zycoo PBX and Cards

Zycoo is a leading edge telecommunications solutions provider with a relatively short history in the industry. The company has been in existence for the past 7 years and has dedicated itself to IP telephony devices. It develops scalable VoIP solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The company’s current product line includes business IP phone systems ranging from 2 to 24 ports. It provides hardware appliances and cloud based services that respond to a wide range of business needs. Some of its key products include the IP desk phones that are designed to match the purchasing power of small designs and produces embedded hardware boards for different uses winning awards for its technology solutions and internet telephony innovation.

Its IP telephony solutions include the ZYCOO CooVox series that involves everything necessary to set up a new IP telecommunications system or upgrade an existing one. Zycoo PBX solutions take up to 100 trunk extensions including GSM/FXO/ISP trunks. We also stock Zycoo host devices without modules as well as the U80 host device that comes with 200 extensions.

Zycoo offers different extension cards for PCs and other communication devices within the business. These provide additional capabilities for the IP-PBX systems such as additional GSM capabilities, FXO interfaces. We stock the Zycoo -4 GSM trunk module, which enhances capabilities for SMS and voice into the IP telephone system. The extension cards such as intercom speakers are also in stock and applicable for enhancing the capacity of the telephone system. These modules are designed to integrate the different needs of business communications by integrating IP, analog and legacy systems in a seamless telecommunications environment. Zycoo offers some of the best modules and cars for integrating GSM capabilities into the office telephone system.