Suprema Time attendance and Access Control

Suprema time and attendance solution simplifies the timesheet monitoring for the employees,  collection of time and attendance and calculating of work hours. The delegated authentication is not possible since it is biometric bvased and you can setup various types of work schedule. It enables time and attendance management and resource management in on system and therefore you can connect with ERP or HR systems and see personalized time and attendance reports and calendars at glance.

Solution features

It connect with ERP and HR systems and thus the Human resource manager and time and attendance in on system.

All features of time & attendance.

  • Flexible work management
  • Biometric-based accurate time & attendance management
  • Easy work schedule management
  • Setting various work shifts
  • Providing personalized time & attendance report and calendar view

Suprema BioStation 2 Ultra Performance

It incorporates the latest Suprema technology. It has a powerful next generation sensor and improved fingerprint sensing and capturing algorithm that offers unrivalled performance. The biostation 2 presents the users with raid data transfer and instant authentication to manage high volume data with ease. It is ideal for applications that needs versatility without compromise in performance and style.


  • Instant authentication and matching for leveraging the sophisticated algorithms and powerful hardware. It can authenticate and match up to 20,000 fingerprints per second.
  • Biostation 2 has massive memory capacity and therefore can handle a large number of users. It can manage up to 1,000,000 fingerprint templates which translates to 500,000 maximum users. It can hold up to 3,000,000 logs for backup in case of connection loss in the server.
  • It features rapid data transfer that improves the transfer speed drastically. The device can send user data that includes massive biometric data.
  • The optical sensor in Biostation 2 which enables the device to capture and process much clearer finger print images under less than ideal conditions. The sensors offers dry and wet fingerprint capture performance that allow the device to be used in harsh environments.
  • It is weather proof and thus allows the designer to place the terminal in indoor/outdoor environments.

BEW2-ODP BioEntry W2 Reader Fingerprint Dual RFID

It features a class leading performance, live finger detection, multi RFID Card Reading and Vandal proof. It enhances user experience by offering best matching speed, quick response and precise control for locking devices. W2 features new live finger detection technology. The previous live technology analyzes dynamically changing pattern, unnaturalness features and liveness features of new and live fingers. Alongside these improvements, the new detection implements the liveness decision using dual light source. Using white light and infrared, the engine blocks fake fingerprints made from film, paper, glue, silicon, rubber and clay.

It offers superior ingress protection with IP67 rated rugged structure. It provides superior protection against dust, liquids and invasive moisture. This protection is achieved extra protective engineering and meticulous sealing. No matter how harsh the environment is, W2 is ideal choice for outdoor applications since it comes with vandal resistant and robust housing.

Suprema BioEntry R2

BioEntry R2 is a Compact Fingerprint & RFID card reader designed for centralized access control system. It is packed in a slim, mullion type design. It provides high definition image capture as well as dual frequency multi RF card reading capacity. It combines intelligent biometric controller. R2 completes with suprema’s intelligent controller, R2 completes with enhanced simplicity and level of security.

Suprema BioLite N2

Biolite N2 is a second generation outdoor fingerprint terminal that presents a comprehensive time attendance and access control based features on suprema’s latest biometric and security technology. It provides a class-leading security and performance by featuring the latest algorithm coupled with the best fingerprint sensor.

Some Basic features

  • Faster Fingerprint Matching Speed that ehnaces user experience by offering precise locking device control and quick response.
  • IP67, Dust & Water Proof which provides a superior protection feature against invasive dust, liquid and moisture. This protection is achieved with extra protective engineering and meticulous sealing. It is an ideal choice for outdoor environment.
  • Communicates with Smartphones. With Biostar 2 mobile card, your smart phone is a key to access.
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) thus protecting data communication
  • Versatile Interfaces TCP/IP and RS-485, wiegand to provide multiple installation and higher flexibility options for different environments. It offers one internal relay output and 2 internal inputs to control peripheral devices.

SUPREMA BioMini USB Fingerprint Enrolment Device

Biomini incorporates high quality sensor that capture finger prints. It is IP65 rated to protect the surface against dust and water. USB 2.0 high speed interface, Supports multiple device handling, Android, MS Windows & Linux compatible, Multi-threaded code design for multi-core CPU utilization

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