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Get Suprema Products at Brightsource Kenya Suprema is a leading global provider of biometrics and security solutions. The company’s products and solutions includes biometric(fingerprint, face) IP readers, access control systems, time & attendance terminals and embedded fingerprint modules. Brightsource Investments Kenya Narobi is one of leading security solution providers inKenya and around the region, and proud to be an authorised distributor in Suprema products. Suprema is a leading biometrics which offers fingerprint technologies for PC and embedded applications.

Some of our products

  1. Suprema RealScan G10
  2. BioStar 2 TA Time Attendance License Module
  3. BEW2-ODP BioEntry W2 Reader Fingerprint Dual RFID
  4. BLN-OC BioLite Net Reader Fingerprint, RFID, Optical Sensor
  5. XPE-POE-V2 RF Card Reader controller (125kHz EM) IP65 PoE
  6. Suprema BioEntry P2 Compact IP Fingerprint Device
  7. Suprema Secure I/O 2 Compact Secure Single Door I/O Module
  8. Suprema OM-120 Multiple Output Extension Module
  9. Suprema DE-620 USB Mifare Card Reader Writer
  10. SUPREMA BioMini USB Fingerprint Enrolment Device

Why Suprema?

Biometric Technololgy

Use of biometrics to maximize efficiency and productivity of access control and time attendance solutions.

Access Control

Equipped with world best fingerprint algorithm, Suprema’s Access Control Solution has maximized the user convenience and security, by resolving the problems of other conventional Access Control Systems that apply RF cards or password keys. Not like other existing fingerprint-based entry control systems, Suprema’s Access Control solution can offer diverse high-level Access Control functions at an affordable price, and it is built on a detachable control structure for easy installation.

Time Attendnace

Companies can benefit from the system by preventing loss of wages while improving work productivity, since the employees work hour management solution of the fingerprint-based Suprema eliminated the possibility of people coming to work as Buddy Punching, or asking for fabricated overtimes. Corporations and public and government institutions can also enjoy diverse work hour tracking and monitoring features in calculating compensations for business trips, special assignments, overtimes, and work-shifts, in addition to the employee’s regular time of coming and leaving to work.

Solution Features

Flexible System Operation and Management   The system can interwork with diverse database and software by using the software development kit that comes with the system, or by using software with report-generating options. More Powerful Security World best accurate fingerprint recognition tehcnology Efficient System Management By using the TCP/IP-based Internet network, the work hour management and the human resources management can be handled easily at a central office. Flexible Scalability The system can interwork with diverse database and software by using the software development kit that comes with the system.


Buildings that require tight security and entry control, such as those that house corporations, public and government institutions, financial groups, and research centers.

  • Work hour management, and calculation of wages and overtimes at public and government institutions and corporations.
  • Work hour management for part time and full time employees at factories, construction sites, and franchise stores.
  • Drinking water management and attendance management at cafeteria, schools and after-schools.

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