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Projectors are devices for transferring images and photographic material in an enlarged form onto viewing screem. It employs a lens system and a light source. A simple slide projector or still photo for exhibiting transparencies has two set of lenses, one between the transparency and light source, to concentrate light and one near the transparency. Another type projector has light positioned in front of the pictures is formed by light reflected from the picture.

Contrast Ratio: The contrast ratio is the distinction between dark and light on the screen expressed in form of numbers. If you take the brightest white and the darkest black, then compare the luminosity, you get the contrast ratio. 1000:1 contrast mean brightest white is 1000 times brighter than the darkest black.

Two technologies are used in most of the projectors: 3-chip 3LCD and 1-chip DLP. Some projectors are wired while others are wireless.

Connections: Some projector connections include: display port, HDMI, Component, VGA and USB. Many connections are backward or cross compatible using an adaptor.

Interactivity: Epson projectors are interactive. The pen combination and projector gives an interactive functionality in one package without expense or constraints of a separate interactive whiteboard.

Positioning and Throw Distance: The size and projector positioning of the image is dependent on the room configuration. Thus, you need to consider the projector features and throw distance that will give in flexibility in placement.

Adjutmen and Image Position: a projector that gives you control of image alignment make using these projectors effortless.

Networking: Content can also be delivered over the network for digital signage applications, presentations and meetings. Using Easy MP Network network software, you can monitor and contro and thus make projector maintenance easy and convenient.

Buying a New Projector

Before buying a new projector, you need to read the researched reviews. Howbeit, buying the projector is half of the battle. Projectors need projection screen and some projectors works better with specific screen. There are diverse brands, with diverse materials and framing; fixed screen that are mounted on wall, portable screens, motorized screens, pull-down screens, screens that deflect ambient light. In this article, Almiria ltd walks through one of the most asked questions so that you can choose the best.

The basic trick is to match the screen with: the projector, what you watch and the room. There lighting of the room should be dark enough for casual viewing such as HDTV and sports. If you have a brighter room and are planning to watch a mix of general HDTV and moves, then you will need a screen that helps you out.

Dedicated Theater

If your room looks more of a theatre with full lighting control, then you don’t need to worry about the ambient light. The exception is based on theatre lighting such as low light sconces. It is therefore imperative to go with a standard gain white screen from 1-1.4 for widest viewing areas.


Budget is an important aspect when choosing for the right screen. Some screens cost even more but the more the cost the greater the ambient light handling. If you are considering the quality of the picture, plan to get a projection screen that goes hand in hand with your projector. You will enjoy a better looking picture than when you project it on the wall. The best size of the screen is dependent on personal preference and viewing distance. We recommend for a viewing distance of 1-1/2 times the screen diagonal for a HD projector. We have two basic projection screens; retractable and fixed frame. Retractable can be either manual or motorized and these are the most common in the Kenyan market.

Basic factors to consider before choosing a room and a projector

  • Color: screens can be a shady gray or white. Gray usually boost contrast and provides deeper blacks.
  • Gain: affects the brightness of the image;  a higher gain produces a brighter image
  • Texture: Screens can reveal details in HD video up to 1080P.

Special ambient light rejecting screens can provide a colorful, crisp picture even when lights are on. Acoustically transparent screen let sound to pass through so you can install speakers behind the screen. In respect to the recent trend of outdoor movie, there are also portable outdoor screens.

Advantages of Projection screens over the wall

Most of the time, when a buyer purchases his first projector, they mostly skip the projection screen to save on money and simply project on the wall. A good quality screen adds on the cost for the initial setup but improves on the quality of the image and overall enjoyment so much. The screen material is vinyl which ensures smooth-looking picture. Special coating is applied to vinyl that changes how right is reflected back. The coating also affect the quality of the images like viewing angle, contrast and brightness. Understanding about them can help you match your room and projector.    

What size screen should you get?

For a projection screen, space is the main lighting factor. The size of the screen determines how far away your are and you should sit at an optimum viewing point. The general thumb rule for a 1080p HD projector distance is one and a half times the screen diagonal. Another dependable approach is to multiply the viewing height of the screen by 3.

Motorized or Manual?

Our motorized and Manual screen sizes ranges from 60*60 to 120*120. Motorized screens are electric. Motorized screens are most elegant since they are useful when you need them. The screen rolls up into a metal case. The case has a powerful electric motor that can lower or raise the screen silently at the touch of the screen.

If your are considering a motorized screen, the quality of the picture is a top priority. These screens are non-tensioned. Installing a motorized screen. Installing a motorized screen is a little involved fir a fixed frame because power is needed. It also features a trigger input in that the screen will lower automatically when you turn on the projector; that requires low voltage connection between the screen and the projector.

Manual pull down screens are mostly used in offices and school but can also work in a budget home theatre. They are cheap and easy to install. The coatings and screen materials do not match the quality of electric screen but image looks smoother than projecting on the wall.

We have diverse models of projectors; but the most common is Epson and Sony.

Epson EB-S05 has range of features that suits your needs. It has 3,200 lumens. It is hassle free to setup and has a long lasting lamp light source. Whether delivering presentation, the projector can achieve an impressive 350 inch display. In addition to its vivid and bright colors, the 15,000:1 contrast ratio produces deep blacks and defined shadows. Even in brighter rooms, it is powerful yet affordable. In essence, it delivers bright colorful images with color output of 3200 lumens. It creates big screen experience.

Epson VPL-DX221 (VPLDX221)

The VPL-DX221 XGA is quite affordable for clear and bright presentations in smaller meeting rooms and offices. Energy efficient, compact, and light and can connect with other devices. It has 2800 lumens with 3LCD color output. The auto start gets you presenting faster. The quick power off saves time when you are in a hurry. Running costs are kept low by energy saving features. Extra-long lamp replacement and simplified maintenance reduces downtime in busy offices and classroom.

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