Vention Micro HDMI Cable 2M Black – VEN VAA-D03-B200

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Vention Micro HDMI Cable 2M Black – VEN VAA-D03-B200

Product Name: Vention Micro HDMI Cable 2M Black

Model: VEN VAA-D03-B200

Cable Type: Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI

Length: 2 meters (6.6 feet)

Color: Black

Connector Type: Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Male

Material: High-quality materials for reliable signal transmission and durability

Compatibility: Devices with Micro HDMI output to devices with Standard HDMI input

Application: Connecting smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices to TVs, monitors, projectors, or larger displays



Vention Micro HDMI Cable 2M Black – VEN VAA-D03-B200

The Vention Micro HDMI Cable 2M Black (VEN VAA-D03-B200) is a reliable and high-performance cable that serves as a bridge between devices equipped with a micro HDMI output and devices featuring a standard HDMI input. This cable is specifically designed to allow seamless transmission of audio and video signals, ensuring that you can enjoy your content on a larger display or TV without any loss in quality.

The cable measures 2 meters (6.6 feet) in length, providing sufficient flexibility and reach to connect your devices even if they are placed at a moderate distance from each other. This length makes it suitable for various setups, such as connecting a tablet, smartphone, or digital camera to a monitor, HDTV, projector, or other HDMI-compatible displays.

The Vention Micro HDMI Cable is built with high-quality materials and construction, which helps to maintain signal integrity and prevent signal degradation over extended periods of use. The black color of the cable gives it a sleek and modern appearance, making it an attractive addition to your home entertainment or professional setup.

Whether you want to display photos, videos, presentations, or play games on a bigger screen, the Vention Micro HDMI Cable 2M Black is a dependable choice that ensures a smooth and stable connection between your micro HDMI devices and standard HDMI equipment.

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