Vention FGBBAG Wireless Charger 15W Ultra-thin 0.05Meter (Black)

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Vention FGBBAG Wireless Charger 15W Ultra-thin 0.05Meter (Black)


Vention FGBBAG Wireless Charger 15W Ultra-thin 0.05Meter (Black)

The Vention FGBBAG Wireless Charger is an ultra-thin, sleek and compact charging device designed to provide fast and efficient charging for your compatible devices. It is finished in a stylish black color.

Key Features:

  1. Fast Charging: The charger supports fast charging capability, allowing you to charge your devices quickly and conveniently.
  2. Overvoltage Protection: It is equipped with overvoltage protection, which safeguards your devices from excessive voltage during the charging process, ensuring their safety.
  3. Under Voltage Protection: The charger also incorporates under voltage protection, which protects your devices from damage due to low voltage situations.
  4. Temperature Control: The charger is designed with temperature control features, which prevent overheating during charging, ensuring a safe and efficient charging experience.
  5. Charging Indicator: The charger features a charging indicator that provides visual feedback on the charging status of your device. It helps you easily monitor the charging progress.
  6. Integrated Cable: It comes with an integrated cable, eliminating the need for additional cables and making it more convenient to use. The cable is likely designed to be compatible with the MagSafe charging standard.
  7. MagSafe: The charger supports MagSafe technology, which allows for a secure magnetic connection between the charger and compatible devices, ensuring stable and efficient charging.

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