Vention DisplayPort (DP) To HDMI 4K Cable 2M- Black HAGBH

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Vention DisplayPort (DP) To HDMI 4K Cable 2M- Black HAGBH
  • It has a latching DisplayPort connector
  • Integrated display cable
  • Eliminate clutter by connecting your PC directly to an HDMI display with a 6ft cable
  • The DisplayPort to HDMI cord is OS independent


Vention DisplayPort (DP) To HDMI 4K Cable 2M- Black HAGBH

The Vention DisplayPort (DP) to HDMI 4K Cable is a 2-meter long cable designed to connect a DisplayPort-enabled device (such as a PC or laptop) to an HDMI display (like a monitor, TV, or projector). The cable comes in a black color with the product code “HAGBH.”

Key features of the cable include:

  1. Latching DisplayPort Connector: The cable is equipped with a latching DisplayPort connector. This type of connector has a locking mechanism that helps secure the connection between your device and the HDMI display. It prevents accidental disconnections, ensuring a stable and reliable signal transmission.
  2. Integrated Display Cable: The cable is designed as an integrated solution, meaning it combines the DisplayPort and HDMI connectors into one cable. This integrated design helps to reduce clutter and the number of cables needed in your setup, making it more organized and efficient.
  3. 4K Resolution Support: The cable supports 4K resolution, which means it can transmit ultra-high-definition (UHD) video signals up to 3840×2160 pixels at a refresh rate of 30Hz. This allows you to enjoy crisp and clear visuals on your HDMI display when connected to a compatible device that outputs 4K video.
  4. OS Independent: The cable is described as OS independent, which means it should work with various operating systems without requiring specific drivers or software installations. Whether you are using Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other operating system, the cable should be compatible, as long as your device has a DisplayPort output and the HDMI display supports the desired resolution.
  5. 6ft (2 meters) Length: The cable is 6 feet (approximately 2 meters) long, providing ample length to connect your DisplayPort device to an HDMI display even if they are placed at a distance from each other.

Overall, the Vention DisplayPort to HDMI 4K Cable offers a convenient and straightforward solution to connect your PC or laptop with DisplayPort output to an HDMI display, supporting 4K resolution for high-quality visuals.

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