Vention Display Port to VGA Converter VEN-HBFBB

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Vention Display Port to VGA Converter VEN-HBFBB
  • Vention adapter provides a very simple way to increase the usability of your electronics
  • Connectors: DisplayPort male connectors and D-Sub DE-15 (VGA) female connectors
  • Length: 0,15 m
  • Gold-tipped connector
  • Color: black
  • Termination: straight
  • Standard: DisplayPort 1.2


Vention Display Port to VGA Converter VEN-HBFBB

The Vention DisplayPort to VGA Converter (VEN-HBFBB) is a reliable and practical solution for addressing compatibility issues between different cable endings. This adapter allows you to connect devices with a DisplayPort output to devices with a VGA input.

Key features of the Vention adapter:

  1. Connectors: The adapter comes with a DisplayPort male connector on one end and a D-Sub DE-15 (VGA) female connector on the other end. This ensures a secure and stable connection between your devices.
  2. DisplayPort Standard: The product is compliant with the DisplayPort 1.2 standard, which ensures high-quality video transmission.
  3. Cable Length: The reduction cable is 0.15 meters long, providing enough flexibility in connecting your devices without creating unnecessary cable clutter.
  4. High-Quality Construction: The adapter boasts golden connectors, indicating that it is made of top-notch materials, ensuring a durable and reliable performance over time.
  5. Sleek Design: The adapter comes in a sleek black color, making it aesthetically pleasing and complementary to your other appliances or electronic devices.

Overall, the Vention DisplayPort to VGA Converter is a practical and high-quality solution for connecting devices with different connector types, ensuring a smooth and reliable video transmission between your devices.

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