Vention Display Port to VGA Cable 2 Meters (VEN-HBLBH)

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Vention Display Port to VGA Cable 2 Meters (VEN-HBLBH)
  • Vention DisplayPort (DP) to VGA Cable, 2m, Black type: connecting cable
  • Classic VGA for analogue signal transmission
  • DisplayPort is able to handle up to 8k resolution
  • Cable termination: straight


Vention Display Port to VGA Cable 2 Meters (VEN-HBLBH)

The Vention Display Port to VGA Cable (VEN-HBLBH) is designed to transmit high-definition video from a computer with a DisplayPort output to a monitor with a VGA input. It enables video streaming and allows you to connect your monitor in two different configurations: Extended Desktop mode or Mirrored Displays mode.

Extended Desktop mode allows you to extend your computer’s desktop across multiple screens, effectively increasing your workspace. On the other hand, Mirrored Displays mode duplicates the same content on both the computer screen and the monitor, making it suitable for presentations or duplicating content on two screens.

The cable supports video resolutions up to 1080P (Full HD), meaning it can deliver high-quality video output to your VGA-compatible monitor.

To ensure reliable connectivity and superior cable performance, the cable is equipped with gold-plated connectors, which minimize signal loss and corrosion over time. The bare copper conductors help maintain a stable connection, while the foil and braid shielding offer protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

The VGA to DisplayPort connector is designed with latches that provide a secure connection between the cable and the ports. To unplug the VGA to DisplayPort adapter, you need to depress a release button, which ensures a stable and secure connection during usage.

In summary, the Vention Display Port to VGA Cable (VEN-HBLBH) is a reliable and high-performance cable for connecting a DisplayPort-enabled computer to a VGA-equipped monitor, allowing you to enjoy high-definition video output and flexible display configurations.

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