Vention 1 In 4 Out HDMI Splitter Black – VEN ACCG0

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Vention 1 In 4 Out HDMI Splitter Black – VEN ACCG0

Name: HDMI 1 input 2 output splitter
Edition: HDMI1.4b
Material: Aluminum+ABS
Interface: input*1, output*2
Display: suport 4k*2k
current source:5V/1A



Vention 1 In 4 Out HDMI Splitter Black – VEN ACCG0

The Vention 1 In 4 Out HDMI Splitter Black (VEN ACCG0) is a device that allows you to split a single HDMI input signal into four HDMI output signals. This is useful when you want to display the same HDMI source content on multiple displays simultaneously, such as TVs, monitors, or projectors.

  • Input: One HDMI input port for connecting the source device (such as a Blu-ray player, gaming console, or media player).
  • Outputs: Four HDMI output ports for connecting up to four displays simultaneously. Each output port mirrors the input signal, allowing you to display the same content on multiple screens.
  • Supported Resolutions: The splitter should support various HDMI resolutions, including common resolutions like HD (720p/1080p) and Full HD (1080p), and possibly even higher resolutions such as 4K Ultra HD (2160p).
  • Audio Support: The splitter should support standard HDMI audio formats, including stereo audio, Dolby Digital, DTS, and possibly more advanced audio formats.
  • HDCP Compatibility: The splitter should be HDCP compliant, which ensures compatibility with protected content from sources like Blu-ray players or streaming devices.
  • Power: Some HDMI splitters require external power through an AC adapter or USB power source, while others can be powered through the HDMI connection itself (also known as bus-powered or self-powered).
  • Signal Amplification: Some HDMI splitters may include signal amplification or equalization features to ensure stable signal transmission over longer cable distances.

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