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  • High Speed: Simply plug the adapter into your computer’s USB port to connect wirelessly to the network or create a hotspot. With a wireless connection speed of up to 100Mbps, you can enjoy web experiences such as web browsing, chatting or playing videos
  • Superior coverage: Built-in 4G/3G+WiFi antenna for optimal coverage and reliability, increased signal strength, allowing you to enjoy reliable wireless connectivity anytime, anywhere
  • Sharing function: Share up to 10 WiFi users on the Internet connection and enjoy sharing fun with family and friends
  • Large memory: Supports Micro SD memory expansion up to 32GB (not included)
  • Plug and play: as long as there is power, you can easily access the Internet, very convenient



If you cannot connect to wifi, please refer to the following:
1. The customer’s card is not activated/inactivated, and there is no flux, so the card cannot be transmitted
2. The customer inserted the card in the wrong position and found the place of memory card (Should be inserted into the SIM card position)
3. The frequency band of the Sim card does not match the frequency band of the machine. It can be used if the customer needs to replace the sim card with the sim card of the frequency band matching the machine (for example, the customer’s sim card is B2, B4, B7, B20) but the machine is (B1/B3) Yes, at this time, it cannot be used without a matching frequency band, and it cannot be connected to wifi
4. The frequency band of the machine conforms to the frequency band of the sim card, but the wifi is still not connected. At this time, let customer connect to computer, and the software will be installed automatically, open the software to check the APN of the machine, and call the operator to ask for the detailed data of the APN. If it does not match, change it in the software, and basically you can connect

Material: ABS
Type: With Wifi Function, Without Wifi Function (Optional)
Working frequency band: LTE-FDD: B1/B3
Wireless standard: IEEE 802.11b
Firewall function: support firewall
Safety standard: ic
System: FDD-LTE
Wifi frequency: 2.4G
Wifi protocol: 802.11b/g/n
Network type: FDD-LTE, WCDMA/DC-HSPA+
External interface: USB 2.1, standard 6-pin SIM card interface, TF card port (excluding SIM card and TF card)
Frequency range: FDD: B1/B3
WCDMA: 2100MHz
Rate: UL50M/DL100Mbps
Support OS: 32/64 bit: for Win 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/10, for Mac OS 10.4 or higher, for Linux
Input: 5V/1A
Power consumption: <=2W
WiFi security mode: open, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
Size: 95 * 35 * 12mm / 3.7 * 1.4 * 0.5in
Weight: approx. 56g

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