Spy Pen Camera 1080P Full HD Hidden Video Recorder

KSh6,500.00 Excl. Tax

  • High standard chip set, HD1080P resolution video
  • Support record audio sperately.
  • AVI video format
  • Built with Rechargeableelion battery inside(5V power)
  • Can be used as WEB Cam ,Support Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista/7/8/10 Mac OS Linux
  • Audio recording max support 15 meters
  • Max Support


Spy Pen Camera 1080P Full HD Hidden Video Recorder

If you’ve never considered what you could do with a pen camera, then it’s time you took a look at this Spy Pen Camera 1080P Full HD Hidden Video Recorder capable of recording in fast action coupled with free 8 GB Memory Card.

What sets this pen camera apart from cheaper, inferior competitors? The durable, law-enforcement-grade captures beautiful, crisp HD quality video that rivals many action cameras on the market, recording superior, seamless video in 1080p from your shirt pocket, vehicle dash, or custom vantage point, keeping you focused on the action without weighing you down.

It is also perfect for candid HD video and POV shots, allowing photographers to record genuine reactions at birthday parties, sporting events, and weddings – all without having to force friends and family to strike a pose.

Professional photographers and amateur shutterbugs will be blown away by the device’s user-friendly video settings that allow operators to focus on exposure, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and more, ensuring high quality video at a fraction of the size of bulky, conspicuous HD video recorders.

The HD Extreme Spy Pen Camera: harnessing the power of today’s popular action cameras and professional-grade camcorders – all in single, fully functional ballpoint pen.

1.Video mode:
Pull the mode switch to the left,, long press button boot, blue lights flashing twice and go out, camera into the video work;

2.Separate recording operation:
Pull the mode switch to the right, long press button up, after the yellow light flashes twice and go out, automatic into the Separate recording operation;

3.Photo mode:
Pull the mode switch to the right, long press button to open access to separate recordings, and click the button to stop recording, When the yellow light is a really long light,  each time you press the button right now, it take a pictures when blue lights flashing one time;

4.In standby mode, long press the button to turn it off;

5.Setup time:  In the off state, connected to the computer. In the memory card to create a new document called : time.txt  Open the “time.txt” document, enter the time format is as follows: 2015.10.01 18:16:12 ,Save the document, it represent year, month, day, hour, minute, second. Exit the computer connected, unplug the USB data cable. At this point, the machine should be turned off; After booting, the machine is set the system time the same as the document time automatically.

6.PC camera: after the camera is turn on, connected to computers.Can use web camera function.

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