Projector Screen Wall Mount 96X96 Inches

Projector Screen Wall Mount 96X96 Inches

  • Dimensions: 96″ x 96″
  • Format: Square
  • Screen Surface: Finished in matte white fabric
  • Casing: White metal casing
  • Pulled down or up with a string
  • Preset stops to open or close screen to required level
  • Suitable for meeting rooms, churches, classrooms, etc


Projector Screen Wall Mount 96X96 Inches

The 96 x 96 manual projection screen, wall and ceiling mountable, is maually operated screen in square format and finished in matte white fabric, with white casing. This is a quality screen with long life expectancy, designed to deliver high display performance.

This screen is manually operated, meaning that it’s pulled down or up with a string (pulley), just as you would pull window blind. To roll it down or up, you use the built-in control string. This is unlike the electric screen, which has an electric motor and is controlled with a remote control unit

This manual screen has preset stops to size the screen to any level suited for your display. This manual projector screen is suited for use in meeting rooms, churches, classrooms or fixed presentation venues.

Mount this prestigious 96 x96 inch sized projector screen, finished in quality matte white fabric and housed in a durable white casing, and give your meeting or conference room the imposing impact it needs. And when it comes to picture display, you get your money’s worth from a screen that users are applauding its brilliant display.

This manual projector screen, mountable on the wall or ceiling, is of durable quality, sure to serve you for years to come.

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