Asus Laptop Adapter 15V 1.2Amps Charger

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  • Asus 15V 1.2 A laptop adapter
  • Moderate size.Fit in plugs.
  • Validated weight.Does not affect power sockets.
  • High efficiency.No idling power when switched off.
  • No power confusion. Power rated adapter.
  • Compatible voltage.No wrong power supply.


Asus Laptop Adapter 15V 1.2Amps Charger

Buy Asus Laptop Adapter 15V 1.2Amps Charger from our computer accessories shop with Compatible Model : AD827M 0B-7LF AD8273 14CK6795747 0A001-00101900 13422 04G265003420 04G266006120 4G266010800 90-N8BPW3000T

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