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    VGA-BNC Cable

    The VGABNCMF1 1-foot Coax HD15 VGA to 5 BNC RGBHV Adapter Cable features an HD15 VGA (male) connector and 5 BNC (RGBHV) (female) connectors, allowing you to connect your existing BNC video source to a VGA distribution amplifier or PC. The cable can also be used with a VGA out signal, breaking out to 5 BNC female connectors that can be used with a 5 BNC (M-M) cable for use with a BNC monitor/display.

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    • 1 VGA IN, 4 VGA OUT. Support ultra high 250 Mhz video bandwith.(just can show the same image,not different images.)
    • Superior video quality – 1920×1400@60Hz. DDC, DDC2, DDC2B Compatible.
    • Amplifies video signal and extends transmission distance up to 180 feet(55m). Input up to 16 feet(5m), output up to 164 feet(50m).
    • Units can be daisy-chained to handle as many monitors as the installation requires,making an excellent solution for public broadcast system.
    • Ideal for public broadcasting;remote monitoring,classroom and training facilities
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    • This product is sold by spincart . Buyers can claim 6 months warranty on this product.
    • This VGA Converter uses aluminum material. 3 standard VGA female ports, 1 in 2 out.
    • Transmission Distance: 25m, Resolution : 1920 x 1440
    • Bandwith 150Mhz
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    • ✔ HIGH PERFORMANCE ADAPTER – Converts your PC or computer’s legacy VGA output to an HDMI output to accomodate for displays that only support HDMI. No power adapter required as it draws power from your PC’s USB port with the included USB power/audio cable.
    • ✔ AUDIO SUPPORT – Converts PC audio via USB to HDMI audio to create a fully functional HDMI output (Video and Audio)
    • ✔ HIGH QUALITY VIDEO – Supports the highest resolution possible from a VGA output, with up to 1080p or 1920 x 1080 PC Graphics
    • ✔ COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION – No need to update your PC or computer to accomodate for your new HDMI display. This adapter saves you time and money by giving you the needed HDMI port.
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  • BNC-VGA Converter

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    BNC-VGA Converter

    • The BNC/S-video/BNC to VGA converter, make your monitor into a non-flicker monitor, watch online videos, play computer games and surf the Internet through display, provide high quality picture and give stable image output to VGA output device.
    • It has VGA, S-video and BNC input and VGA output, by which it can convert S/Video interlaced signals of DVD/DVR, CCTV Camera or other devices into VGA signal and display on PC monitor or LCD.This conventor is with the different 2 VGA interfaces, pls select the corrent the VGA interface as inout or output interface .Like when you connect BNC as the input signal soure to VGA montor , then you need connect VGA OUT interface,doesn’t connect the VGA IN interface .
    • Easy to install and operate, instantly switch the source between Video, S-Video and PC with a single button and turn your monitor in to a high resolution picture output.Plug and play, plug in the attached power and you can use it, no need to drive. Package contain one English version of detailed instructions.
    • Supports the resolution up to 800 x 600@60HZ 800 X 600@75HZ 1024 x 768@60HZ 1280 x 1024@60HZ ,1440 x 900@60HZ 1680 x 1050@60HZ 1920 x 1080@60HZ 1920 x 1200@60HZ,Pls do not set the high resolution to output more than them. If the resolution of the monitor is out of this range it may not be displayed.This video converter has function buttons such as “Input”, “Menu”, “Freeze/+”, “Resolution/-“, etc. Auto-save settings and working status when power off.
    • High Quality and Good Design:adopts ergonomic streamline design, high-quality skin-like material surface, super comfortable. Double-sided heat emission hole details ensure long time operation. Compact and portable, easy to carry.
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  • VGA-DVI Cable

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  • VGA Cable 25Mtrs

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