External Hard Drive

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External Hard Drive

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get External Hard Drive from Mall99 Kenya There is no better way to backup your files and data than using a reliable external hard drive. Just similar to a flash drive, the external HDD is used to hold large data and usually transferred at high speed making it safe and protected. External HDD usually come with an internal cooling fan and are very popular for storing files and information due to their portability. They are mainly connected to a computer system or laptop via high-speed cables such as USB or FireWire cables. If you require a hard drive to store large files and data then you need to opt for a large external HDD. You can shop for a capacity of 500GB and above. The capacity can range from as low as 250GB to 4TB. Secondly, the hard drive speed is also an important factor to consider. Depending on how often you want to backup or make use of your HDD, it is advisable to shop for an external HDD with a USB 3.0 port as opposed to the USB 2.0. The former is almost 10 times faster than the latter. Security is also an important aspect to consider, as opposed to software encryption, it is highly advisable to shop for HDD with hardware encryption which is more reliable and secured. Where to Buy Quality External HDD in Kenya Protect your valued data by backing it up using the External Hard Drive. External hard drives come in different sizes and capacities large enough to store huge files. We have external hard drives from top brands such as Transcend, Seagate, and Imation. When shopping for your hard drive, it is important to consider the storage capacity of the hard drive. There are various storage devices 250GB, 750GB, 1TB and 4GB. Need more space from your desktop home machine, get yourself an external hard drive and store movies, music and more to free up space. Brightsource Kenya, your one-stop online shopping mall brings you an extensive collection of external HDD to choose from. Order now and enjoy payment on delivery option. call +254 714 247 812 or email sales@brightsource.co.ke

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