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Desktop computers are intended for office or home use. PCs are mainstay today. They can be used for browsing the internet, email, playing PC games and document processing. The business applications ranges from web and software development, graphic design, and desktop publishing. It comprises a computer that is externally connected to a processor unit called CPU, computer monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Laptops are portable, but when  you need a massive screen, or you need a mechanical keyboard for fast typing or better ventilation to handle graphics, Desktop computers are optimal for users who need a wide digital space, creative professionals and gamers. Desktop computer are nowadays better than ever. There are two kinds of desktop computers; all in one and the tower. The tower is the traditional computer with monitor, tower and the peripherals. Tower means the big box that houses the main component. All in one on the other hand combines the monitor and tower in a single unit. AiO features a thicker monitor with all components fixed together behind the display. Nevertheless, all in one places components in the monitor mount.

Benefits of all in one

It is compact, space efficient and portable than the tower and sometime comes with touch screen feature. The tower unit is often built with razor sharp design while all in one will require only a single power source plus the keyboard and mouse cables unless you are using wireless peripherals. All in one computer is portable.

HP offers the best computers for daily users who need to be connected to the online word. Irrespective of the needs, you are sure to that a personal computer that will make an ideal focal piece for any home or office

Advantages of a tower desktop

Tower desktop has powerful component and there is more than enough room to incorporate powerful hardware. All in one have less room, all the hardware are squeezed into a very compact space. Some model trade higher powered and large hardware for space-efficient and powerful hardware. A tower have powerful components, great ventilation which makes it less prone to overheating, customizable in that the tower shell can be removed easily to access other components. In addition, it is easily upgradeable since you can be able to replace graphic cards or old processor and replace with updated ones. On the other hand, all in one are hard to upgrade the hardware part.

This is the standard configuration found in business and home offices. A monitor goes hand in hand by a standing tower. Consequently, it houses all your computer hardware. RAM, and the capacity to plug in the peripherals. Tower desktop has the capacity to customize when you rig. In essence, if you need to upgrade your graphic card for better image quality, outdated parts can be easily outdated. Towers are fantastic in cooling down your hardware when you perform massive tasks over a period and thus prevent your computer from crashing or overheating. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful desktop tower for powerhouse and internet browsing, consider the towers below:

HP Slimline Desktop: This is an eco-friendly tech equipped with more dynamic media viewing experience and thus you can watch multimedia content herein. It has a DVD slot with diverse external ports, 5.1 surround sound and dual monitor support provide diverse ways to plug in or tune out the noises of everyday life.

HP Pavilion 590: it has the capacity to boot up in seconds which increases the clock speed significantly. 16GB memory boost to receive nothing short of premium performance. The beefed up cashe remember the frequently used applications and file after you shut down allowing to create, work and game more quickly next time you put it on.

Benefits of an all-in-one desktop

They saves on space. If you are not interested in customizing your PC, the ease and portability of all in one makes it the obvious choice for everyday use. The setup process for all in one is comparatively easy. It is ideal for users who want an easy, efficient and sleek home desktop.

HP 22 inch Ai): It offers a classic design that will blend well with home office décor with modern stand tilt that accommodate different touch screen and angles capabilities.

Benefits of High Performance Desktop

Coders, hardcore gamers and video editor’s might require a home personal computer; that where the high performance desktop comes in. it boos you capacity to match and mix the SSD and HDD storage options. It is loaded with more memory which can keep all your creative work. High performance model are the best desktop for your business.

HP Envy Desktop: If you need complete control over your computer, ENVY is the best PC since it can connect up to 3 monitors. An audio control pane allows fine tune speakers. Chrome brushed metal exterior makes it look like a space age technology while the performance proves that it is a tower desktop.

Best Desktops for Gaming

Ability to upgrade outdated pictures, powerful processors and exceptional graphics are all necessary to catapult you into the gaming world.

HP OIMEN 880 gaming: It is cool even when competition heats up. It is deal for gamers relentless who are bent on going for gold and overclocking.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop: Dynamic performance and innovative crasftsmanship make it ideal for gaming. It has a dedicated GeForce GTX 1050 TI graphics which makes the screen tearing the problem of the past. It is speedy in booting with 4 times the storage space and has the capacity to play with 4K graphics. It is equipped with green LED lighting and sleek exterior.

Best Desktop for Business

The right desktop in business can make a lot of difference in business productivity. Security, durability and power make these workhorses most essential for business. It gives the capacity to save precious office space, expand processing capacities with ease and collaborate with workers. For instance HP EliteDesk 800 G4 SFF protect your work from third party access. It is equipped with thunderbolt ports where you can transfer big files in a matter of seconds. It is designed to give performance and needed flexibility.

So, how do I Choose from Various options?

When it comes to making a choice in buying a desktop computer, it narrows down to how you plan to use it. There are families who need to skype or share online photos. You need to start by assessing your physical space and needs and the budget. Once you have sorted all these factors, it will be a nice ground to equip your home with all in one computer or a desktop that delivers the best results.

Best Desktop computer for your Budget

HP Pavilion 590 is powerful and fast. It is core i7 and 8th generation powered with 6 cores of processing tasks. It integrated with Turbo boos to enhance speed with 16GB memory which enables the user to perform various tasks simultaneously. This means that core seven is better in terms of speed supplemented by a 16GB memory. It can therefore handle huge stacks and commands. If you are a digital artist, you can paint, layer, shade and render without slowing down, other great features include 1TB storage space and DVD writer.

Why you should own All in one desktop computer

If you are in the Kenyan market looking for a new desktop computer but you are not sure the right option for you, consider buying HP all in one which is designed to bring balance between form and functionality with several models in the market. These computers are simple to set up. All in one computers pleases the eye with size in mid. Take for instance, HP Pavilion 24-inch. It has a minimalistic look with a sophisticated White finish that blends with any office design.

While many users will be happy to leave a computer in one place, the beauty of all in one is that you can carry it home just like a laptop. The lighter and smaller AiO can be picked up and taken to another room. The pickup features are ideal for creative work. In es sene, it saves on energy. Loud, dusty and power hungry desktop tower can create unwanted heat and are comparatively noisy. The HP all in one combat these issues by saving of the energy and allowing them to to be quiet. Keeping the machine free from dust is also easier since the unit sits right on the desk where it is easily within the reach of cleaning. With fewer openings and ports, these smaller and sleeker computers can be wiped down and cared for with minimal effort.

As we conclude, many offices are putting the design first to provide unaltered workspace which improves productivity and eases tension. We understand that there is some truth to how such streamlined design can influence a healthier and happier workforce. That is why HP offers creative computing alternative to modernize workspaces that embrace substance and style. Replacing older and space consuming desktop towers is a way to reclaim lost space.

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