Dahua Security Camera System Overview

Dahua Security Camera System Overview

Dahua Technology is the world’s second largest manufacturer of video surveillance equipment by market share. The company strives to deliver high-value, total security solutions to consumers, with an emphasis on integrity and personal relationships that enhance the customer experience.

Dahua offers three series of products. The idea behind the series breakdown is to give customers high performing, reliable cameras available at three different price and product offerings. The UltraSeries is known as the best of the best. Typically these cameras work best in medium and large businesses requiring advanced security applications. The ProSeries, the next tier down, offers the products that have a large mainstream appeal and are a bit more economically priced. Most of the cameras in this series offer true wide dynamic range, making the camera ideal for direct sunlight or glare locations. Finally, the third option consumers have is the LiteSeries, designed for small to midsize applications. This series is the best option for customers who need basic surveillance features at a low cost.

The company offers an array of network video recorders to work with a user’s security system. Dahua’s NVR features high recording quality and a powerful processor with up to 4K resolution. Dahua also utilizes its ePoE technology to transmit power and data over long distances via Ethernet or coaxial cables. This solution reduces time and saves money.

The Top 5 Dahua Cameras

The three series of Dahua cameras offer similar products, allowing consumers to have a lot of flexibility when choosing the best one.

1. 5MP Vari-focal Starlight Dome

5MP Vari-focal Starlight Dome

When it comes to improving alarm accuracy from intrusion and tripwire functions, the Dahua 5MP Starlight camera provides exactly what a user may be looking for. The camera operates well in any lighting conditions and can withstand harsh conditions. The smart motion detection feature of this camera decreases the amount of false alarms. The algorithm analyzes a scene for human or vehicle motion and disregards movement from trees, weather, or animals.

Dahua also offers unique viewing options related to its cameras. IDMSS is Dahua’s mobile app that allows a user to add any Dahua recorders and IP cameras to the app and access the network on the go.

Connect Access Control to Video Surveillance

2. 2MP Color ePoE Bullet Camera

2MP Color ePoE Bullet Camera

The Dahua ePoE bullet camera is one of the most popular bullet cameras on the market. As one Dahua CCTV review said, the bullet camera still “performed like a champ” even in a situation where the sun was shining directly into the camera lens. The camera also features night color technology which allows for 24-hour color surveillance. The camera uses back-illuminated pixel technology along with a large aperture lens and a sensor to provide color details. Ideal locations for this camera include casinos, parking lots, building exteriors or interiors, and educational facilities.

3. 2MP IR Starlight Fixed Lens ePoE Eyeball

2MP IR Starlight Fixed Lens ePoE Eyeball

Offering wide dynamic range as well as a true day/night IR cut filter and operation in extreme temperatures, this camera delivers high quality images in any lighting or environmental condition. The Dahua eyeball camera is similar to a dome camera in functions and features and even has a built-in microphone. Customers have noted that this Dahua eyeball camera provides good results in any security system.

4. 4MP Starlight PTZ Network Camera

4MP Starlight PTZ Network Camera

The Starlight PTZ camera has many of the same functions as the Starlight dome option, including smart motion detection. This security solution uses Analytics+ functions to deliver complex protection for any user. Motion detection distinguishes human and vehicle movement more accurately and reliably compared to other standard camera features.

5. LincX2 Pro

LincX2 Pro

In January 2020, Dahua released a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell, floodlight camera, and mini camera as a part of the LincX2 Pro line. The cameras record directly to an SD card, NVR, or DVR and are ideal for small businesses and residential locations. All three of the cameras offer motion detectors, high resolution and video quality, and two-way audio systems allowing users to communicate with any visitors, wanted or unwanted. These products can easily be integrated into an existing system, providing users flexibility.