Biometrics and Access control

In today’s market, identity and access management readers cannot perform the lone task of simple access and attendance. The Hi-Tech readers can integrate into business performing multiple or dual task. There is no single place of business that operates today that doesn’t have any form of access control or identity management in place. With the many biometric readers in the market, ensuring you select the right one is the basic concern.

Suprema and ZKTeco

Your business requires identity/access reader, no question, but which one do we invest in? The type of fingerprint reader is dependent on your business ie: required security options, functions, location, foot-traffic and personnel (card, pin, biometric, etc). Then there is the specs of reader itself, durability, connectivity, and speed. With identity and access management readers fast becoming the norm, market has been saturated with a number of brands. While both Zk-Teco and suprema are the contenders in the reader game, suprema has the advantage with its cutting edge readers.

Suprema readers function under the same platform, allowing organizations to customize the use of their terminal. The varied functionality of Suprema’s terminal which includes voice command, vandal resistant models, outdoor, video phone integration and are Wi-Fi/PoE compatible. In addition, Suprema official distributor such as Almira Limited provide custom solutions to companies with the aid of in-house tech and thus integrating to suit their unique requirements.

Biometrics Access Control Systems: Face and Voice ID

Biometrics is a science that is based on mathematics. It uses strict measuring procedures to make sense of a person identity. In contrast to behaviometrics, biometrics finds pattern in diverse body features. Some attribute voice recognition to behavioral measures while connecting face recognition to wider scope of general measures. Face and voice recognition are now being accepted. Biometric is a system that prevents the intruders from accessing the resources by verifying them as unauthorized on basis of biometrics authentication. Biometric authentication refers to recognition of human beings. Biometric access control scans the person and matches it with his/her data with the previous stored information. If the compared information, the biometric access control allows the person to access the resources. Today, the access control is considered to be best and one of the most secured authentication amongst other access control devices.

How safe is Biometrics in Access Control

An average person has about 25 accounts that needs password. It is hard to find the same one for each account. Forgetting your password is annoying, not to mention dangerous. Understanding how biometrics work can help us decide between the appropriate access controls. Your iris is as unique as fingerprints. The blood vessels in the eyes and the whorls at the tip of the fingers. No other person shares the same peculiarities. Thus, the shape of certain features of the body including retina and irises, veins and palm print and even the heartbeat are all aspects of identity that can be measured biometrically.

Time and Attendance

Almiria time and attendance solutions are available for both in-house and outdoor installation. With a modular structure, real taskforce can be directed to suit the needs of an organization to streamline management, provide security at the place of work and simplify payroll process.

Basic Features of Time and Attendance Systems

These systems are imperative business tools for any size of organization or company looking to improve on the productivity and efficiency as well as workplace discipline. Time and attendance systems manages time of the workforce effectively as manual time sheets or self-report can be time consuming and unreliable. It means that business can make sure that all the payroll go hand in hand with the working hours that each employee has worked to avoid losses and administrative issues.

Thus, time and attendance system can

  • Simplify the payroll process
  • Reduce costly errors when using manual tracking
  • Help in monitoring absenteeism and punctuality
  • Saves money and time.

Howbeit, modern and attendance and time system can do more than just tracking and finishing times. Therefore, in selecting time and attendance solution for your organization there are factors that should be considered.

  1. Whether you need a portable system especially when you have a mobile workforce. You need a system that you can access remotely via mobile app or GPRS. In such as case you will need  ZKTeco S922 Portable Fingerprint Time and Attendance Terminal
  2. Time Flexibility. Are your employee’s part time, what are their working pattern?
  3. Is absence management one of your system? Do you need to monitor lateness, planned and unplanned absence?
  4. Do you need a mobile app for management of employees?
  5. Does fire alarm integrate with time and attendance system?
  6. Do you want to integrate access control with time and attendance systems?

Once the information is captured, consider how the data can be transferred to the server either through WIFI, GPRS or wide area network. At Almiria Limited, we understand how important it is to manage your workforce in a fast, smart and efficient way. Below, we have presented a detailed information on Suprema, ZK teco, Dahua and Hikvision Access control and Time attendance Solutions.