biometric time attendance in kenya

biometric time attendance in kenya,Biometric Time and Attendance Systems have been designed not only to provide a high-level biometric solution as a standalone machine. But also deliver outstanding performance in a networked environment. The fingerprint attendance system has been designed in such a way that it can be used for outdoor installation. Because the device is resistant to scratch and the elements.

What is more, the time attendance terminals been integrated with the latest high-quality optical sensor? Consequently, the biometric system can be installed at any place of work even in factories. And in owner farms where employees tend to have weak fingerprint.

In as much as the biometric time and attendance systems will still work with proximity cards, fingerprint remain the most dependable method for user authentication. As it is, fingerprint is unique to each employee thus leaving no more room for manipulation.

When installed as a standalone, there will be no need for a physical connection to a computer.

This means that attendance reports can be downloaded via USB. This is particularly important for expansive factories where the main employee entrance is far away. So, it makes sense not to do cabling if the wiring required could go more than the 150 meters.

More importantly, though, the time attendance software will produce reports in excel format. This makes it easy to upload attendance into company HR and payroll software. Furthermore, attendance reports in excel can be manipulated further to get more useful insights into employee work ethics.

All in all, it is always advisable to have the fingerprint terminals in a networked environment. Networking the attendance terminals not only enables you to access real-time attendance data but also gives a platform from where you can monitor terminals in divergent locations.

Biometric Attendance Management Software

The biometric time attendance systems can be configured to produce time attendance reports via USB port or by connecting to a computer. The HR and payroll department will be able to access reports on how many employees reported in and present for how long. By the same token, establish how many worked overtimes and who came in late. This time attendance report has so much value to the HR personnel.

Installing the modern biometric time attendance in kenya provides your organization with multiple clocking options. For instance, you can opt for the RFID card, the fingerprint reader, keypad or the use of QR reader. The time attendance software can be integrated with company HR and payroll software. Compatibility with most HRMS software is a key requirement by so many organizations.

The other purpose of the biometric time attendance system is the personnel’s attendance management. Here, the system will capture when the employees checked in and when they checked out. The attendance report will be

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