Biometric Readers in Kenya

The demand for biometric readers in Kenya has been on the rise as people endeavor to keep their lives and work environments more secure without compromising user convenience. Learn how fingerprint readers can improve facility security without compromising user convenience

Any device that reads the identity of a person by comparing some attribute of their physiological being or behavioral traits against a sample database is called a Biometric Reader. Biometric Readers come in many types, the most common including Facial Recognition, Hand Geometry, and Fingerprint and Iris Recognition

In high-security applications, conventional card readers are often coupled with Biometric Readers to assure that the person holding the credential (card) is the person who the card belongs to. This “Two-Factor” authentication helps assure strict access control.

Examples of physiological traits include fingerprint, face recognition, DNA, iris recognition, retinal scan, palm print, and blood vessel. Examples of behavioral methods include, but are not limited to, walking gait, voice print, and typing rhythm.

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SecuGen Hamster Pro 10

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