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Another innovation that uses CCTV cameras is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). This usually consists of a camera linked to a device that can read car number plates. A photograph is taken of a motor vehicle, the photo is passed to the reading device and the number-plate is then instantly compared against database records.
Tens of millions of vehicles are being photographed every day and records are then kept of the number-plate along with the date, time and location of the vehicle. These images are being stored for a number of years. In some cases, the photograph of the vehicle may also include images of the front-seat passengers.
ANPR, which has expanded enormously without any real public debate or knowledge, raises huge privacy concerns. This technology, originally used to monitor unregistered vehicles, is now routinely being used by the police to locate vehicles (and their owners) that might appear on other – and often dubious – police databases.

An Introduction to ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is probably the next growth product to take off in the UK,(and the world) in fact, it is already beginning to be the biggest potential earner for installation companies. Network systems were all the hype in recent years but have not really grown as the pundits originally predicted. One problem is that it crosses technological barriers and the needs of available bandwidth were conveniently obscured.
On the other hand ANPR technology is completely within the scope of knowledge of CCTV companies, although there are a few new terms and technologies to come to grips with.
Difference between LPR and ANPR

LPR means license plate recognition and is a term usually used to describe specialty CCTV cameras that is capable of dealing with the challenges associated with capturing license plates such as car speeds, fog, night vision, and reflective license plate material. Here is a link to LPR cameras that we supply:

ANPR stands for automatic number plate recognition and is a term usually used in describing software that takes input from an LPR camera and recognizes the alpha numeric characters on a plate using software and is then able to take action on the license plate number such as store it to a database or match it up against database records. Here is a link to ANPR software that we supply:

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