5 reasons why network cabling matters

Network cabling is an often overlooked feature of the modern office. It shouldn’t be though. Affecting a whole range of aspects of the day to day running of your business, the quality of a network cabling system can reflect the overall quality of your business. With this in mind, here are 5 reasons why network cabling really matters.

1. The quality of your network cabling directly affects the quality of your connection

The quality of a network cabling will affect the quality of any internet, intranet or ethernet connections. Badly designed systems will slow down your network and any connections you have, slowing down your business in the process. This makes investing in the right, high quality system when it comes to network cabling so important.

2. High quality network cabling will improve your client satisfaction

As well as network cabling directly affecting connection quality, the quality of your cabling system will also affect your client satisfaction and customer retention. By investing in a high quality network cabling system you can minimise downtime and make sure that you’re always connected. This will enable you to respond incredibly quickly to your customers and help to increase the both the reputation and customer retention of your business.

3. The right combination of cables will reduce electrical interference

A phenomenon called ‘electrical bleed’ can happen when one or more inferior quality network cables are placed next to each other. The electrical signal of one cable can bleed into another, causing reduced speed, errors and delays. This can obviously affect the overall performance of your network and increase costs for your business.

By investing in the right combination of cables and equipment you can make sure that your business never suffers from this. Here at Mall99, our network specialists can install the right combination of high quality network cabling so that electrical bleed won’t occur. This will leave your team free to get on doing what they do best: running your business.

4. The wrong length of network cable can severely impact your connection quality

The quality of electrical signal in a cable will degrade over long distances. This means that in some network cable systems that span a large area the quality of a connection speed will be severely affected.

By choosing high quality cables specifically designed for working over long distances you can safeguard your business against this potentially frustrating issue. Better yet, get an experienced network service company like Mall99 to choose your system for you.

5. The quality of your cabling affects the profitability of your business

As we’ve seen from the previous points, network cabling affects multiple areas of your business: from internet, intranet and ethernet connection quality through to logistics and administration, and even customer retention. Make sure that your cabling system is the best it can possibly be by getting an expert to install it.

Our team of experts can design, install and maintain the perfect network cabling system suited to the specific needs of your business.